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Are you a Microsoft Partner and do you have plans to grow?

Come and join us when Youri Kuper, a partner at Boost Your Business runs his inspirational webinar on how you, as a Microsoft Partner, get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts. About our masterclass in a varied mix of presentation, dialogue and workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Get on the radar of your wish customers
  • Nurture your leads until they need you
  • Perform at the sales meeting
  • Close the order Youri Kuper presents the most important and effective tips and tricks he has learned over the years in his work with Microsoft partners across Europe.
  • Introduction to the key areas of b2b marketing and sales.
  • How to streamline the two disciplines and create magic (aka orders)
  • Concrete examples we make sure you stay involved throughout, so you can leave the webinar and start attracting the right customers. This will kick-start a structured and targeted process for both marketing and sales - not just for a month or two, but year in, year out.


Passionate About Company Growth. Trained Over 2000 Professionals And Build Several Sales And Marketing Departments In 10+ Countries.

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Cloud Champion is a free program sponsored by Microsoft Portugal and your Distributor to help you grow your cloud business. The program provides personalized guidance, training, promos, incentives and resources in four key areas: Business, Sales, Marketing and Technical.

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